Saturday, 10 March 2012


How would you like to be served by an entertaining Robot when you are at a restaurant? Sounds intriguing? Read on...

Hajima Restaurant in Bangkok located in Monopoly Park mall, serves Japanese cuisine. The decor is warm Japanese style with modern appeal. But you know what the most interesting thing is? Customers at Hajime are served by two Samurai Robots. Yes real robots! Customers choose and place their order via touch screen monitor on their table. Two armed robots will deliver the food to the customer's table, along a rail track built inside the restaurant. Once the customer is done, the Robots collects the empty dishes from the tables. Every 30 to 45 minutes the Robots break into a dance, entertaining the customers! They can also express emotions. These Robots were manufactured in Japan and programmed in Thailand. Watch the Samurai Robot Waiter in action in the video below.

Hajime Robot Restaurant, Bangkok

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