Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Yesterday, I happened to read about Tom Noddy, the Bubble Magic Man. I remember years ago, watching Tom Noddy's shows on T.V. during the 80's and his amazing feat of creating huge magical bubbles of sorts, and his shows not just entertaining, but mesmerizing. Noddy would create all sort of bubbles of different sizes and shapes, including rainbow colored bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, caterpillar bubbles. I used to enjoy the part when he would send smoke into the bubbles from a cigarette and create beautiful geometrical designs inside the bubbles, that would leave anyone stunned at this unbelievable expression of creativity. Noddy had spent years mastering the art of creating bubbles. Tom Noddy has been entertaining people with Bubble Magic, ever since the 80's and recently performed at the 'Moisture Festival 2012' in Seattle. Here are some pictures from his past performances.

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