Thursday, 19 April 2012


The Thai New Year or Songkran was on April 15. Fun filled Water Festival was held from 13 to 15 April to welcome the New Year. Songkran means sun's shift from one zodiac to another. If you are outdoors on those days in Thailand, you cannot escape from getting wet from water pistols, water balloons and buckets of water. The New Year was celebrated over 3 days, April 13 was the end of the old year and is called Mahasongkran, April 14 the day after the ending of old year is called Wan Nao and the April 15 is called Wan Thaloeng Sok , the advent of New Year. 

The pouring of water symbolizes cleansing of spirit, mind and body. The water is believed to wash away bad luck and so getting wet during Songkran is important, as it's considered a blessing.

Some pictures of the recent Thai New Year - Songkran 2012 Water Festival

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