Monday, 16 April 2012


Well, it's spring in a lot of places across U.S., UK and Europe, and summer in so many other parts of the world. This is the time, when weight loss aspirants get more conscious about their weight and getting into summer clothes becomes an emotional issue. Hey, instead of fretting  about how you look, get geared to lose weight. If you are on the heavy side, and trying to lose weight, don't go shopping for bigger size clothes. Be determined (you know the do or die attitude - but no starving or skipping breakfast), get into action, lose weight and reward yourself not by indulging in ice creams, chocolates and foods that helped to escalate your weight in the first place; treat your self to a new wardrobe, if not, well a few new beautiful clothes for the new you, a bag, purse or jewelry, a tech gadget you've wanted or go get a new hairstyle, a pedicure. Yes? 

Ok the serious stuff which is losing weight - does that sound difficult?, Not if you make a strong decision, right here, right now. Look at the photos - one is temptation, and one is the solution. Try it, stick to it, eat healthy, exercise and see the weight drop in a month's time. 

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