Wednesday, 18 April 2012


I have experimented with dieting and exercise over the past 7 years and I am glad that I lost all the excess weight. What I work on right now is maintaining my weight since the past 6 years.  I have never gone on fad diets or spent money on magic foods, drinks, gadgets or medicines that promises to help lose weight. It's all a hoax really. Don't fall for that. And well, it did not take me 7 years to lose weight - only 8 months.  Way back in 2005, when my doctor strictly told me to lose weight without a smile, I knew he meant it. And I knew, that was the end of my excuses I gave myself. It took me about 8 months to lose weight from 2005 fall. By spring 2006, I had lost all the excess baggage. I don't know whether it was me or my husband who was more excited at the result.  When I went back to my doctor, he couldn't recognize me. I had to remind him, who I was. Of course he was satisfied with my accomplishment and told me, in case I put on an additional extra 2 to 3 kg, I must try to lose it without allowing it to escalate. So I am always allowed a buffer weight of 2 to 3 kg. But I do feel suffocated the moment I put on more than 2 kg. I am like anyone else, who after losing weight have to spend the rest of the my life trying to maintain it and it's not easy if you have temptation reigning in you that rules over resistance at times - like family holidays. 

After the last family holiday in December 2011, I gained all the 5 kg I had lost between October to November 2011. Well now I've lost 3 kg since the past 3 weeks and have 2 more kg to get rid of and looking forward to that. Enough of my story, let me get to business. Time and again, I have realized, the sure way to lose weight is go vegetarian. Even Bill Clinton lost all the excess weight going on a vegetarian diet. 

Now for the secret diet - Follow this and you are sure to lose weight. There is no doubt. 

1. Go vegetarian (allowing yourself  900 to1000 calories a day for women and 1200 to 1500 for men). Have lots of vegetables and include fruits in your diet.
2. Eliminate wheat from your diet completely
3. No sweet, sugary stuff, no junk food, no fried stuff.
4. Allow yourself to one cup or coffee or tea a day, with 1 to 1 1/4 teaspoon of sugar and not more. Drink plenty of water and stay away from soda/coke, artificial juices from supermarkets.
5. Include rice and potatoes for carbohydrates, or else you will be exhausted. Have 3 dates everyday if possible for sugar in its natural form, rather than crystallized and treated white sugar. You can get the sugar your body needs from other fruits as well like banana.
6. Have a healthy breakfast. Don't skip it. And a healthy lunch. 
7. Have a light dinner (soups, salads with low calorie dressing
8. Have grapefruit/oranges
9. Include a glass of skim milk and a cup of low fat yoghurt in your diet everyday if you are lactose tolerant. Protein is vital.  Include lentils, sprouts and pulses in your diet instead of meat.
10. Stay away from packaged, bottled, canned supermarket foods. To eat healthy, eat home cooked food, fresh juices so on.
11. When you are invited to a party, chose salads and low calorie foods and enjoy the party.
12. When you are out with friends and they insist on eating out, don't get tempted...resist...choose something that is not high in calories from the menu.
13. Improve your metabolism and facilitate weight loss - how? can't lose weight merely by dieting. Dieting and Exercise are two factors when combined helps you to undoubtedly lose weight
14. Have a multivitamin supplement recommended by a pharmacist or your doctor
15. Don't give up. Be determined each day to lose weight.  Don't starve. Don't go on any unhealthy or crash diets. 
16. Don't let your moods or a stressful situation lead to you overeat or seek refuge or comfort  in food. 

One last advice - each day is never the same, the weather can turn bad -  preventing you from exercising outdoors, sometimes a cold or fever could stop you from exercise, or you might turn busy one day. Sometimes you  encounter obstacles. But don't let that dampen your spirits. Don't give up, be patient; continue your weight loss journey and you'll accomplish your dream of ideal weight. Just like how it took time to put on all that weight, it will take time to lose as well. 

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