Tuesday, 31 July 2012


A lot of us carry on in life with the myth that if we talk about our talents, achievements, positive traits, it sounds like bragging. In a business world, it's important your superiors or boss knows of your contributions, your strengths and achievements. The myth that my good work will speak for itself will not work in business. Look at those advertisements around you. If Apple and Samsung did not advertise constantly; if they were not in the news constantly, if marketing strategies were not a priority, the world wouldnot know of what they have to offer. Just like people are looking for best buys, best bargains, best products, they need to be informed and educated, so that's where businesses target the consumers through advertisements. In simple words, brand companies are constantly talking about the benefits and technological superiority of their products, new arrivals in a branded clothing line or introduction of new items in fast food.

If you are not a CEO or President of a big company, or a famous celebrity or sports person, socialite, politician, it's mostly unlikely you are featured in magazines or newpapers . But to climb the ladder of success in career or during an interview, it's only who can make known to others around you of your value, your qualifications, your strengths, your ideas, your achievements and what and how you can contribute and so on. That's smart self promotion and not bragging. If you don't talk about yourself, people will not know you, it can affect your career. We generally tend to find compliments overwhelming, sometimes even put ourselves down as if our contributions or achievements mean very little. We tend to promote the qualities of other people, transfer praise to others, trying to make ourselves look rather insignifcant. We fear of being misunderstood of bragging or being arrogant, if we talk about our achievements, talents or positive traits. What you express about youself is the information you are sharing with others, and that's exactly how they will perceive you.

If you are working hard and you expect superiors will notice you, and appreciate you for it or reward you with a promotion, then its high time that you changed that attitude, because that's just a myth. They are busy with their life or their work and will not realize, until you let them know at appropriate times. Or else you might be taken for granted.  Among friends circle, you have to be smart enough to differtiate between bragging and self promotion. I do know a few people, who really don't know the difference and their bragging is rather exaggerated laced with bit of white lies. Cast your inhibitions away and don't hesitate to promote yourself and see how good you will feel and how things can take a positive turn in your life.

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