Monday, 30 July 2012


If you think about time, it's fascinating. Most of us don't leave our homes without wearing a watch. Clocks and time pieces adorn our walls and tables at home and office. We attend to chores, duties and life decisions revolving around movement of the needles in the clock.  Time is a grand treasure chest of the past, present and future. Everday you are gifted with precious 24 hours, and how fast they fly, turning every moment you experience into the past and the next 24 hours which is your future, comes to you already. It's up to you to do what you want with your time, how you choose to utilize it, how you want to spend it, what you want to accomplish, how you choose to plan, feel, think, act. You can do nothing with it or exploit it to the fullest using all your wisdom and talent. But you can never control it's passage. You can procrastinate and time becomes your enemy. On the contrary, you can actually do so much with the time you are gifted each day . Time gives us happy, sad, fearsome, exciting moments. Time makes us cry and laugh.  It's takes through a constant journey of highs and lows in life.  It brings about a calm, after a storm. Time teaches us precious lessons. We can either learn from it or repeat the same mistakes. Time brings different people into our life, some fabulous and some quite unsavory. Some travel with us for a while and have to get off at their station and some travel with us till eternity. Time helps us forget, forgive, heal and renew ourselves. Sometimes we become impatient and weary, as we wait for seemingly long endless period  of time, for something important to happen or see our efforts bear desirable results. But everything has a mysterious reason. If we trust ourselves and have faith, time can only prove to you, of it's miracles and glory. There is a time for everything. When you wake up each day, do you plan or chart out how you want to spend this day, what new things would you like to do, what changes would you like to make in your life, what old habits you want to get rid of, what tasks would you like to accomplish, who would you like to forgive, what amends would you like to make, what decisions can you make that will alter your life positively?.  Time is a precious gift so invest it, use it,  in the best way possible.

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