Wednesday, 1 August 2012


In metaphysics, fengshui and energy healing, amythyst is considered a magical stone. It's a popular, but rare form of quartz and a semi precious gem stone that offers many health benefits. They come in the various shades of purple - deep or light purple, violet, bluish purple. Amethyst in it's purest form is colorless. Fine amethyst will be transparent without any inclusions, allowing light to pass through unhindered. The amethyst found in market have mostly undergone a heat process, which gives them the purple colour or hue. Purple is considered a royal color and the color of spirituality. I have seen amethyst stones at various Gift shops in UK. While I was at Stratford Upon Avon, I had visited a shop called Mystic Dimensions, where they had every healing and semi precious stone possible including amyethyst. In Kuwait, they are available in the Scientific Center Gift Shop.

Let's take  look at the benefits of having Amethyst stone or a small amethyst tree at home or work

* With a few seconds, Amethyst increases the size of your biomagnetic field by 100% in it's presence.

* Enhances your mood and makes you happier

* Improves blood circulation and movement of bodily fluids

* Replenishes lost energy when facing stress, worry or depression

* Brings peace and calm

* Helps overcome addiction problems

* Improves sleep

* Heals wounds

* Fights bacteria

* Aids in cell regneration and cell growth

* Believed to promote good judgement

* Helps in removing toxic particles from the body, improving respiration and overall health

* In feng shui, its known as stone of contentment and is believed to aid in preventing anger and discord, ensuring harmony

* Amethyst is associated with the zodiac sign of Pisces in astrology. However one does not have to be Pisces to enjoy the benefits of amethyst.

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