Wednesday, 1 August 2012


People who go shopping are of different types and pysches. Shopping can be addictive, fun, - infact  leisurely activity. Some people shop for clothes because they need something new for an event or party or occasion. Some are constantly shopping as it has calming and soothing effects during stress, like how some people resort to food during stress. Shopping with friends is an enjoyable way to spend time together. Some like to window shop and they are curious to know about all the new arrivals and what's prevalent in name of the fashion. Buying something new and nice make some people happy and some even find shopping therapeutical. Then there are those who shop during offers and sales to get the best bargain. Some intelligent shoppers would have fun looking around, buying only what they want, if they really want it, making sure its within their budget suits them when they look into the mirror and think if it's worth spending money on. There are people who take their own time to shop, enjoying every moment of it and taking time to decide what they want to buy and they can shop for hours on end. Some can't imagine wasting too time on deciding what to buy and they are quick in their selection process and they are so sure of what they want  and what suits them.

What sort of shopping attitudes define you?

* Like to shop alone 
* It's more fun shopping with friends or family
* You make your own choice trusting what you see in mirror when you try on a new outfit
* Like to take the opinion of your friends or husband while buying a new outfit
* You like pictures of yourself to be taken by a friend or salesperson after trying on new clothes to help you decide what outfit suits you
* Enjoy going shopping often - a preferred past time
* You find shopping relaxing, exciting and therapeutical  - a big de-stressor. You can spend hours in the mall.
* Free time means you prefer to do something else and consider shopping a waste of time and money
* You believe shopping is one of the fun things to do with friends
* End up buying little gifts for friends and family while you shop?
* Love window shopping
* You wouldn't spend more than half an hour to one hour shopping.
* If there is a sale, you are on a shopping spree
* There are too many clothes in your wardrobe, you don't even know exists because you keep buying new ones and you still feel you have nothing to wear.
* Total shopaholic

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