Friday, 3 August 2012


Women are naturally good at multitasking -  be it at work,or at home taking care of  home, husband and children. I feel most women are comfortable and happy with multitasking. If she is taken for granted or ends up doing more than she should be without any help from her husband or a housekeeper, it can be pretty taxing, especially if she has no time for herself or for socializing or spends her weekends trying to catch up with unfinished work during the week. It's amazing isn't it when a lady returns home after 8 hours of work( let's not forget time taken for commuting, or stopping at supermarket  to do the grocery), she has fresh work awaiting her - taking care of children or their homework, cooking and probably lots more. She has no magic wand but sometimes she has to live life as if she has one, making everything possible, ensuring everyone's needs are met and pleasing everyone around her.

When a lady who is multitasking whole week, feels stressed or unappreciated or feels she is trying to do so much and racing against time, it's time to slow down, ask for husband's help or designate some of the work to a housekeeper if that's financially affordable. Think of ways to reduce the work at home. It's important to take care of one's diet, personal needs and sometime during the day or end of the day, have some time to relax everyday to replenish lost energies, socialize, go out with the family to park, beaches, shopping, game or movies. It's important to spend quality time at home with your husband and children, find time for things you like to do or a hobby,  rather than mechanically just doing routine work before you hit the bed. Be sure your happiness and well being count. It's so vital for a lady to be happy and healthy so she can appreciate and enjoy her life. So take whatever positive action it is to ensure multitasking does not lead you to neglect yourself or add more stress in your life.

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