Monday, 30 July 2012


I was invited by Stacy Lobo to Zafran, for their Iftar Ramadan Buffet. I couldn't attend last week so we went on Saturday (July 28). When you first enter, what captures your attention is the lovely decor, space and seating arrangement. We were received by the Restaurant Manager, Mr. Vinoth Kumar who is very hospitable and explained about Zafran and their contemporary Indian cuisine. The food is prepared taking into consideration the requirements, taste and liking of the local people and clients in general. They appreciate client feedback. We also got to meet the master chef, Mr. Mohit Dhingra, who is committed to creating authentic and new dishes with a diversity of flavors. The buffet had an amazing array of food, which included soup, variety of healthy salads, lovely appetizers and an interesting and delicious variety of meats, fish and vegetables along with rice and baked indian bread called Naan. Dates, arabic coffee, and two kinds of refreshments, are served at the table. They also serve soft drinks if you wish to have. One of the most appealing thing is that the food isn't heavy or greasy, it's moderately spiced to perfection. The restaurant has a pleasant ambiance and the food and service is excellent.  The special Ramadan Iftar buffet menu changes each day, with different items. The buffet is open at 6.45pm, although you can arrive a bit earlier than that. They have a party area for get togethers and parties. If you plan on eating out during Iftar, Zafran is a place you would definitely enjoy visiting. Zafran is located in Salmiah beside Centerpoint and H&M, right opposite Fanar Mall.

Zafran - telephone: 25750647

Ramadan timings : 6.30pm /6.45pm onwards

Price : 7.5 KD for adults and 4.5 KD for children

Here are some photos I took

Mr. Mohit (chef) and Mr. Vinoth Kumar, Manager

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