Wednesday, 29 February 2012


I have blogged several times about dropping the wheat from our diet to lose weight. When I was visiting my daughter in Nottingham, UK, last year, I noticed a woman's magazine in TESCO, and I picked it up and I was so glad I did. When I returned to Kuwait, and found time to actually go through the magazine, I was quite intrigued by an article by a doctor saying that many of his overweight patients were able to lose weight by dropping wheat from their diet. I lost no time in following the same. I went on a wheat free diet from mid September to mid December and actually lost 8 kg. My stomach was flatter, I felt energized, alert, lighter and really good on the whole. I walked for an hour five times a week. Yes, you have to exercise! 

Last year my friend who was visiting Kuwait wanted to lose her stomach fat and her excess weight on the whole. I told her to drop the wheat from her diet. Yesterday she sends me an email that talks about a book 'Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight" by Dr. Willam Davis and I thought I must share this in my blog to encourage all weight loss aspirants once again, to eliminate all wheat products (cake, pastries, breads, rolls, pizzas, biscuits) from the diet and I promise you, there will be a dramatic change - you will lose weight. Hey, now this does not mean eat unlimited quantities of other food items. Eat less, eat healthy, eat natural foods, use less oil while cooking, no fried stuff, no sugary stuff, drop the wheat...and results shall speak for itself..

When 'Women's Health' magazine asked cardiologist Dr. William Davis, M.D., what the worst food for your heart is, his answer was: Wheat!. "I call it wheat belly. There's not an organ system unaffected by wheat," says Dr. Davis, author of the new book," Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight". "But wheat's impact on the waistline is its most visible characteristic. When my patients gave up wheat, they lost an average of 26.7 pounds each!" Eliminating  wheat will  prevent fat storage, shrink bulges, melts off belly fat and improves health dramatically.

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