Sunday, 26 February 2012



When the dust settles and I've come to rest,
I would look back in time and say "No Regrets"
For I know I have touched the lives of more than one
Either for better or for worse owing to the things I've done 
For who are we but actors on a stage,
We tutor to be taught, we cry only to laugh again.
Where each person we meet is a customer on a taxi ride
Some travelling further with us, others moving with the tide 
When emotions as intense as love or pain 
Make you question God for gifting you the power to feel the same 
Our actions, neither bestial nor divine 
Perennial confusion as to where to draw the line 
Be neither caged in the present by 'what has been' 
Nor numb for action for the future yet unseen 
For our time here is but a fleeting moment in history, 
Leave it to one's footprints to stake claim for identity 
Would I be a liar if I said life is as sweet as it gets? 
Not when I say the words "No Regrets" 

by Rahul Harish

My son has penned this poem. Hope you enjoy it!

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