Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Ukranian born artist, Dmitriy Khristenko moved to America 14 years ago. He is a self employed handyman and he has a unique aritistic gift. He creates small intricate replicas of motorcycles and other vehicles from broken watch parts. He  gets old or broken watches from the market, or car boot sales and carefully breaks the watches. He shapes each part with the help of a grindstone to get the perfect shape and size and glues each of the components by hand. The complicated motorcycles take up to 50 hours and the simple designs take up to 30 hours. Forty year old Khristenko has been following his passion since several years and he has made 40 models and has no intention stopping. 'I think people are fascinated by them', says Khristenko. Motorcycles and other vehicles with complex designs created by Kristenko sell for more than  £300 each!.

Dmitriy Khistenko, Artist

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