Tuesday, 21 June 2011


When I was at Marina Mall on Saturday, I dropped into Bath and Body Works. They have a whole range of  new, interesting and vast collection of body lotions, creams, fragrances and a treasure chest of a variety of scented colourful candles. Drop in there if you like to indulge in some exotic personal care products. They have a new introduction - 'Country Chic' which is a blend of wildflowers, woods and citrus. Country Chic lotions give out a lovely fragrance. There are lots of offers and promotions on the candles and lotions. Bath & Body Works was founded in New Albany, Ohio, USA,  in the fall of 1990. Here are some pictures I took at their outlet in Marina Mall. 

With their wide range of products, you may want to view them on Bath and Body Works official website, so it's easier when you visit any of their outlets to explore and try out samples of what might have interested you on their website. Click Here to visit their official website

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