Sunday, 19 June 2011


Studies have shown that Aromatherapy Scented candles with essential oils  can affect, alter and enhance moods in a pleasant way. The sense of smell connects to emotions, triggering a change in moods and feelings. Scents can have a profound effect in comparison to  sounds and images. I know that's true that in my case when it comes to soap, shampoos and perfumes which give out  positive, energizing or uplifting effects, upon their use. Those who love fragrances would certainly agree. If you chose to get yourself scented candles, there are two kinds,  candles with synthetic smell, and aromatherapy scented candles that has essential oils in them. Another very important thing you have to bear in mind is when you burn scented or aromatic candles, it has to be done in well ventilated rooms, as they use up oxygen while burning. Also there would be mild amount of  toxic residue given out during burning. Candles with synthetic scent and aromatic scented candles with essential oils can be distinguished from the labels. Candles made of bee wax are the most natural and do not give out any toxins when burning. Let's explore the various scents and what kind of feeling or mood  they create: 

Lavender, Chamomile, Patchouli, Vanilla, Geranium, Ylang, Ylang, Sandalwood - used for relaxation, to allieviate anxiety, depression, stress and an overall feel good effect

Citrus scents such as Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit - improves vitality, increases energy, altertness, converts negative energy into positive energy. 

Eucalyptus, Mint, Cinnamon : A rejuvenating effect, uplifting of moods, increases alertness, improves memory

Jasmine, Rose and other floral scents : induces happiness, romantic feeling and an overall feel good effect

Ginger : promotes confidence, courage and improves memory 

Fruity scents such as  Strawberry, Mango, Apricot, Peach, pineapple : elevates mood, induces joy and happiness. 

If you like scented candles, you can add some extra joy into you life and make your homes smell sweet and elevate your moods, by burning scented and aromatic candles. The added benefit is they destroy any bad odours and the scent from the candle remains in the room for long. Or you could  simply chose to decorate your home with exotic colourful scented candles that come in beautiful jars, glasses and candle holders and chose not to burn them. It's very relaxing for a person to undergo an oil or cream based body massage (with aromatic essential oils) in a SPA, and have some soothing, calming and relaxing candles burn somewhere nearby in the room. Once in a way, treat yourself to something special...

Here are few pictures I took from the extensive scented candle collection at A-Z Stores, Shuwaikh. What I liked about the Yankee candles is the strong, lasting scent. 

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