Wednesday, 22 June 2011


These are common statements people tell me all the time:

- I can't lose weight. It's so difficult.(a person who gave up)
- I have no time to cook. (Excuse)
- I have no time to exercise (Excuse)
- You don't understand, I've tried so many diets, but I can't lose weight. (a person who gave up)
- It's my poor metabolism, I eat so little, still I can't lose weight.(Excuse)
- I feel so tired and hungry when I come back from work and I eat (No self restraint or self control)
- When I am upset and worried or under stress, I eat. (No self restraint or self control)
- I have so much of weight to lose, I don't think I will ever lose this weight.(a person who gave up) 
- I have to do something about my weight. I know I should start dieting. (conscious procrastination - I'll do it tomorrow attitude)

If one of the sentences above describes you, do you truly believe you cannot lose weight? Firstly let me tell you, YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT, but...only if you REALLY WANT TO  if you are willing to consider it the most important goal in your life. Now for some simple facts. You can't diet for two or three days or a week and give up and say, 'I can't lose weight' and then eat all the food you stayed away from. Don't let food rule your life, instead, you should  take charge of what food goes inside of you. Make small changes like reducing your food portion, choose healthier and low calorie foods. Make a determined effort to avoid sweets, chocolates, shakes, pastries, junk food, fried or oily food. Start with a 10 minute exercise program then increase it gradually to half hour and then one hour. 

Poor eating habits, wrong food choices, eating more food than what your body needs, skipping breakfast would have contributed to your weight gain through a period of time. If you are not expending enough energy and you go on consuming more calories than your body requires for functioning, you are bound to put on additional weight EVERY MONTH. You have to break this vicious cycle. Weight loss is not an overnight miracle. Just as it took you time to put on weight, it will take a while to lose weight (several months to a year, depending on how much you have to lose). It's important you have to be patient and persevere. Be honest with yourself and stick to your diet and don't relent to binge attacks or temptation. In order not to deprive yourself, you can have a small portion of foods you like once a week, in moderation. When you are out, enjoy yourself, but you don't have to eat heavy food at restaurants, instead you can go for salads. Skip the soft drinks and dessert. 

You should desire to lose weight so bad, that it should be the most important dream and goal in your life. Use all the power within you to  kick start a diet and exercise plan suitable for you and you are on your way to experience the joy of weight loss and the REAL YOU. Oh...please avoid any fad diets or weight loss pills, they don't work. 

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