Monday, 20 June 2011


A late post ofcourse for Father's Day that was yesterday! Father's Day is celebrated in U.S.A., Canada and UK, on the 3rd Sunday of June, each year. I couldn't possibly not write my  thoughts for Father's Day.  My belated 'Happy Father's Day' to all dads out there. 

 To all the fathers out there....

 * Love your children, believe in them, spend quality time with them no matter how busy you are. Expensive gifts cannot take the place of father's time spent with his child. 

* Let your child live his dream and not yours for it's his life. 

* If your child spills or break something by accident, or get low grades....don't be hard on him. He needs your help and support more when he makes little mistakes or falters. 

 * No one size fits all, so don't compare your child with your neighbour's child. Your child may be good at art or language instead of science or math...appreciate him for his talents even if he does not get better grades than your neighbour's son. (A deep topic...I hope to blog more on this sometime....)

* When your child wants to talk to you or share something with you, make time to listen...your child needs a father who can give a listening ear. It's a great way to show you care. 

* Encourage your child to do well....but not necessary he will be triumphant always, yet never stop encouraging and instilling faith in your child. 

* Give healthy criticism, and not harsh criticism, so you don't hurt his self esteem and self respect. Criticize the mistake and not the person.

* You may know better....your child is far younger and has a long way to patient and explain things patiently.

* Watch your temper and attitude angry or aggressive man's son will follow suit or worse.

* Love your wife and treat her well, so your son learns how to respect and treat a woman, for someday, he too will be a husband and father. 

* If you want your son to be a person of integrity and values, with healthy aims and goals, then it's not your advice that your child may follow; children watch silently and learn from age 2 to 25 from your actions, attitude, choices and way of life. Be sure you are following your own advice or principles you set for your children by being a living example.

* Let your children know you love them, no matter how different your opinions and views are from your child's. Don't let differing views come in the way of a beautiful relationship with your child.  

* Discourage them from vices or wrong doings and don't let your children push you to agree to any wrong they do. Seek help or guidance if that happens.

* Over permissiveness is not's called spoiling your child. 

* If you have teens or grown children, remember, they love you...even if they may not be verbal or physical about it. So don't wait for them...go ahead, give your child a hug, a pat on the back, a loving touch, ruffle his hair (if he does not mind you spoiling his hair).
Being a father has it's joyous and great moments and at times parenting may not be easy.  Fatherhood is one of nature's greatest gifts to mankind, the responsibility of raising a tiny child into a wonderful human being!. Be the best father you can and you'd feel great always!


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