Tuesday, 7 June 2011


- Martin Firrell, Public Artist and Campaigner

Martin Firrell, born April 4, 1963, Paris, France, has been described as a cultural activist, a campaigner, a public artist, or benevolent provocateur, stimulating debate in public space through powerful use of words in art form , to promote positive social change. Firrell is based in UK.  Caitlin Moran for 'The Times' described Firrell's work as being built on “huge, open-chord statements that make your ears ring".

In Martin Firrell's words: “Art should be a force for good, and I have stuck faithfully to that premise. As I have grown older I have become more adamant that my purpose is to campaign in some way for change, using my works as a medium for catalysing debate. If you can raise debate, eventually change will follow.” Firrell  has done spectacular work on public buildings and public spaces using words and art as a medium to bring about an inner change in the hearts that is intended to promote societial change towards the better.
Martin Firrell

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