Thursday, 9 June 2011


Romanesco Broccoli

Romanesco broccoli  is not considered as a  natural vegetable. Looks like an alien vegetable planted on earth by aliens from outer space! When we look around us, nature is so amazing with all its splendour and beauty. Investigation by botanists has traced Romanesco's origins back to selective breeding by 15th Century Italian farmers. The vegetable's striking shape is evidence of the incredible amount of variation that genetically bred vegetables can produce within a single species. Although it's called broccoli, it's really more of a cauliflower. Originating in the Tuscany region Romanesco, like any cauliflower, is made of of tightly packed florets attached to clusters of sturdy stems.

It supposedly has a unique taste. When raw, the florets taste like cauliflower,  with a subtle hint of broccoli flavour. When cooked (boiled, roasted or steamed ), it gives out a sweet nutty flavour. Apparently, Romanesco offers you a powerhouse of health benefits:
* Improves vision
* Fights viral infections and guards against free radicals
* Boosts the body's immune system by battling colds and flu, promoting healthier lungs
* Improves blood cell, bone strength and overall brain health. 
* Reduces depression
* Aids in eliminating constipation,
* Lowers bad cholesterol
* Regulates blood sugar and maintain a healthy blood pressure

Goodness!  that's quite a lot of health benefits for an alien looking vegetable. If you observe the picture carefully,  don't you find the beautiful geometrically  designed appearance on Romanesco, an amazing art of nature? Do we have Romanesco in Kuwait? Haven't seen one in any of the supermarkets yet....or have I missed seeing this somewhere? Will check and update on this if I come to know.

Update - 11June 2011
Guess what....this  wonderful vegetable, loaded with goodness is available in Lulu Hypermarket (Qurain and Al Rai). It's imported from Holland.  When you visit Lulu next time, get this vegetable and make yourself something nice...preferably a salad or soup. I should do that soon myself! Don't overcook it while steaming or boiling, as the taste would take a different turn. 


Vasumathi said...

Wow! This looks exotic! ..and soooo YUMM. The Inflorescence looks so beautiful, and I believe the florets are fractal and arranged in a logarithmic spiral. Love it!:)

Amberina said...

that's a gorgeous looking thing... I don't this I'll have the heart to cut it up and cook it and consume it.... it's too beautiful!! - I'd probably use it to decorate my dining table....:)