Sunday, 5 June 2011


Chef Andy Bates with his expensive kebab creation

Chef Andy Bates has created the most expensive kebab in the world. The dish includes saffron-infused flat bread, milk-fed lamb from the Pyrenees and even edible GOLD. Titled 'King of Kebabs' uses gold leaf for a finishing flourish and champagne-infused mint and cucumber yoghurt completes the luxury - costing a whopping £750.  

Nick Thorogood, Managing Director of Food Network EMEA added: "Street food is really stepping up a notch with many street food trucks now providing the high quality, gourmet food and fine cuisine expected from top restaurants. But don't expect to find it in your local kebab shop, the 'King of Kebabs' was created by Chef Andy Bates for Food Network UK, to  mark the launch of  The Great Food Truck Race TV show celebrating street food. The show will air on June 6th, on Food Network UK.

The breakdown in full for the ultimate doner is: 
*Shoulder of milk-fed lamb - £84 
*Coeur de Boeuf tomatoes - £20 
*Micro Cress and Bibb Salad - £11.95 
*Chili Peppers - £35 Barrel Aged Feta Cheese - £54.20 
*Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil - £26.95 
*Purple violet potatoes - £15 
*Edible gold leaf and platinum - £130 
*Saffron - £138 
*Krug Champagne - £195 
*Other ingredients (garlic, lemon, salsa, mint, cucumber, yoghurt) - £40
Total: £750.10
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This chef has a roast beef sandwich i have it in my to-make list