Sunday, 5 June 2011


Xian Zheng, iPad 2 and post operation scar on Zheng
A TEENAGER in China sold one of his kidneys for 22,000 yuan (US $4,185) so he could buy an iPad 2. Xiao Zheng, had confessed to his mother after she noticed the gadget and a deep red scar on his body, which was from the surgery. Zheng had travelled from his home in Anhui province to the city of Chenzhou without his family's knowledge, where his kidney was removed at Chenzhou hospital under the supervision of a kidney agent. Besides iPad 2, Zheng also bought an iPhone and a laptop with the proceeds from the sale of his kidney, his mother said. "I wanted to buy and iPad 2, but I didn't have the money", the boy told Shenzhen T.V.

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What was he thinking....? I hope more kids out there don't follow suit. If Zheng suffers health complications after loss of one kidney, the ipad, laptop and iphone can only give him temporary sense of gratification, but never give his kidney back nor his health. It's painful to see or hear of kids do drastic things that cost them their life.

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LWDLIK said...

That's sad. Kids are under such peer pressure. It's so wrong.