Monday, 6 June 2011


My very own Mint and coconut recipe
This is very easy to make and tastes really good. Rice flavoured with freshly chopped mint and fresh coconut scrapings make this a very enjoyable dish.


* 2 cups of cooked basmati or any long grain rice (cooked with salt)
* 1 tablespoon of finely chopped mint leaves (about 10 to 12 mint leaves)
* Green cardamon 2, cloves 2, cinamon stick 1/2 inch, Dried bay leaves 2, 1/4 tsp cumin seeds
(Cumin seeds   and bay leaves are optional, only if you like the flavour of cumin, you add them
* Fresh Coconut shavings or grated 2 to 3 heaped tablespoon
* 1 tablespoon or 3/4 tablespoon butter.

(Increase the mint, coconut and dry spices in proportion to the rice)

Cook rice in a large quantity of water and drain the water. Add salt to taste while cooking rice. Keep rice aside to cool. Take a large saucepan, add a tablespoon of butter and let it heat on medium fire. Don't let it smoke. Add the cumin seeds, let it splutter gently (optional). Add the the rest of the spices. Stir, add the cooked rice and finely chopped mint leaves. At this point, reduce the fire to minimum. Stir gently without mashing the rice. Put off the fire. Add the grated coconut (or coconut shavings). Stir gently again. Enjoy this rich dish with vegetables or chicken or shrimp dish. Due to time constraint after making a late lunch, I couldn't make it look more presentable, so do excuse me for the 'presentation'. You can always decorate with sliced or grated carrots. Let your imagination run and make an artistic impression if you are going to serve this for guests.

Note : It's advisable not to use desiccated or dried grated coconut. Fresh coconut will taste a lot better. Freshly grated coconut is available at Lulu Hypermarket Qurain, at a small  counter near the 'Take away Food Section'. You can buy a small quantity of freshly grated coconut shavings from there. Freeze it and thaw required quantity 20 to 30 minutes before you use it in the Mint and Coconut rice. If you don't know what to do with remaining coconut shavings, keep it frozen; you can grind a small quanity of 2 tablespoon and add them to your meat, chicken or vegetable curry dishes.

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