Sunday, 5 June 2011


Traditional looking scarecrows at ACE Hardware (childrens' toys). 
At ACE Hardware, Shuwaikh, I saw a collection of 'Scarecrows'. It's after a long while Iam seeing scarecrows. They have always been a fascination for little children and perhaps birds and animals in the farms. As you know, scarecrows were kept in fields by farmers to scare animals and birds from eating away their crops. It didn't take clever birds and animals long to realize they were not humans and enjoy their time on the fields. Children's authors have written beautiful and intriguing stories that revolved around Scarecrows. Things have changed. Now we have sophisticated modern 'Scarecrows', a gift of technology to do some policing. 
Scarecrow Robot with intelligence to ward off birds
The SCARECROW ROBOT consists of an Internet-enabled video camera and image processing software that scans for color and shape - searching for the signs of predatory birds. Fish farming is a $42 million industry in Florida; farmers have tried tethered balloons, propane cannon and motion-sensitive sprinklers (among many others) to deter unwanted bird pests. When birds are detected, powerful jets of water and loud sound barrages are released.
Scarebot used to protect fish farming
Assistant professors Steve Hall and Randy Price of the LSU Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering designed an autonomous solar-powered robot called SCAREBOT that could run unattended for long periods of time. The Scarebot would patrol fish ponts, scaring away the predatory birds.
DIGITAL SCARECROW designed by Kyungryul Lim and Miyeon Kim. Digital scarecrow is enabled with infrared ray sensor eye with a 16,529 square meter range for animal detection and Ultrasonic Wave Generating animal approach prevention. Solar panel wings for completely self-powered scarecrowery. Tripod legs rooted deep into the ground for secure sentry standing. Animals will get a small shockwave! The wave causes no damage to the animal, just gives them a little scare. The digitial scarecrow is eco-friendly and does no damage to the environment, and powers itself as  the it's energy source.

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