Saturday, 11 June 2011


Robert Adams, a Chicago-area man stood at a Chase Bank ATM in Rolling Meadows, looked down and discovered on the sidewalk near Reflejos newspaper box, a clear plastic bag with Chase written on it, containing receipts, checks and $17,021 in cash - mostly $20 and $100 bills bound by a rubber band."I see this plastic bag. It's clear plastic and it's half full of money," Adams said. "I figure this is a joke. This has to be a setup. People are going to look at me and start laughing."

Adams said he never had the urge to keep any of the money. "It's not my money. I shouldn't take it. I don't care if you put another zero on there, I wasn't raised to take money that isn't mine," said Adams, a 54-year-old single man who lives in Arlington Heights and credits his deceased parents for teaching him right from wrong. "If I saw you drop it, I'd say, `Excuse me, sir. I think you dropped something."

Adams then called police, turned the money over to them, who along with Chase bank officials later determined the money was meant for an ATM in Midlothian and had been under the care of Loomis, an armored truck company.

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*What would you do if you found a bag of money with lot of cash?
A.  Keep it?
B.  Contact rightful authorities and hand over the money
C.  Leave the premises where the money is lying without touching it
D.  Take some money, leave the rest behind
E.  You don't really know.

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