Saturday, 11 June 2011


One the simplest and healthiest food we can have is salad. If you have them everyday, or as frequently as possible, you are bound to experience the ‘change’ or ‘difference’ in the way you feel… you begin to feel lighter, you will have increased energy levels and become more alert. Salads provide numerous benefits that can nurture every cell and organ in your body. They are so easy to make. To get the best out of salads, make sure not to add high calorie dressing or too much of salt. Add fat free dressing or reduced fat dressing.

Health benefits of salad (containing assorted vegetables and/ or fruits)

* Provides your body with lot of fiber which in turn lowers cholestrol and prevents constipation

* When you have salads prior to your meals, it will make you feel fuller and you tend to eat less of other food, which aids in weight loss.

* Fibre in the food will act as an appetite suppressant and keep you full for a long time, supressing hunger, a great help and relief to those trying to lose weight.

* Green vegetables provide high levels of antioxidants which reduce our chances of getting many illnesses.

*  When we add olive oil or nuts to our salads, it provides us the good fat our bodies require.

* Fruits, Vegetable and Green salads are potent with loads of vitamins and minerals

* On regular consumption of salads, the texture of your skin would improve, giving you a glow.

* Adding mushrooms, beans, peas, string beans, bell peppers, tomatoes, carrots, apples, oranges, peaches, plums, pears, apricot, prunes, strawberries, nuts, raisins, nuts and low fat yoghurt to your salad, are especially good for your health.

* If you are not too fond of vegetables, you can add boiled or grilled chicken, fish or shrimps or boiled egg to your salad, to avail of your protein intake and make it a wholesome meal.

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