Thursday, 15 March 2012


I am glad we could attend the beautiful 'Baroque' music concert, 'La Musica Barocca' by Valentina Maria Baginska (organ) and Karol Kusmider (cello), at the Maidan Cultural Center, yesterday. The music was delightful and soulful. Baroque music is a style of western classical music that flourished during the Baroque era 1600 to 1760. The word 'baroque' comes from the Portuguese word barroco, meaning 'mishapen pearl'. Baroque composers wrote in different musical genres, using elaborate ornamentation, made changes in musical notation and developed new instrumental playing techniques.  Some of the famous composers of the Baroque era is Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frederic Handel, Deitrich Buxtehude, Alessandro Scarlatti, Antonio Vivaldi and so many others. 

Many of the Baroque musical compositions have healing properties and the music is played to patients with various illnesses and also to patients recovering from surgeries to facilitate healing. 

The beautiful rendering by Valentina Maria Baginska  that touched the hearts of the audience included musical compositions by :

* Dietrich Buxtehude
* Johann Sebastian Bach
* Benedetto Marcello
* Jean Baptiste Lully 
* Stephen Paxton
* Georg Freidrich Handel
* Tomaso Albinoni
* Louis-Nicolas Clerambault
* Louis-Claude Daquin
* And the final piece was a surprise rendering of Portuguese music for the audience by Valentina

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