Sunday, 11 March 2012


Have you watched the acclaimed Iranian movie, 'A Separation'? No? Get the DVD and watch the movie (with English subtitles). The story and direction is by 40 year old Iranian film director, Asghar Farhadi. It's a beautifully made family drama movie about a husband, his responsibility towards his aged father suffering from Alzheimers, his wife who wants them to leave Iran for a better life  and the daughter who is heartbroken and tries hard to prevent her parents from divorcing.  A maid is hired by the husband, to help take care of his aged father when the wife leaves home for good. Sometimes it's strange, that in life, the unexpected happens and things take a totally different turn and when it's for the worse....what would one do? From then begins the beautiful story...which is a must watch. The cast Peyman Moadi, Leila Hatami,  Sareh Bayat, Shabab Hosseini, Sarina Farhadi and Ali-Asghar Shahbazi  did amazing justice to their roles. 

'A Separation' won the Golden Globe Award and the coveted Oscar Award for Best Foreign Film category in 2012.  It's the first Iranian movie to win an Oscar. Director Asghar Farhadi is thrilled and overjoyed at the movie's worldwide success and fame  and dedicated  the Oscar award to the people of his country during his speech at the Oscars recently. 

Leila Hatami and Peyman Moadi

Peyman Moadi with Ali Asghar Shabazi (aged father wth Alzheimers)

Shabab Hosseini - left (maid's husband) with Sareh Bayat (maid)

Sarina Farhadi (daughter)

Asghar Farhadi with Golden Globe for 2012 with lead actor Peyman Moadi

Asghar Farhadi with his Oscar Award  for 2012

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