Wednesday, 14 March 2012


When you are trying to lose weight, there will be times you are tempted eat certain foods, you have decided not to. Sometimes you just want a break. At times when you have begun well, the weight starts to drop, you feel like taking it easy and eat what you missed and start to feel guilty for doing that. Triggers like being around restaurants or food courts, being invited for a party or dinner where an array of delightful food is served, or you are on an emotional low and you need food for consolation and relief, are common hurdles you will face. You have to use the powerful word 'No' to your aid. Accept invitations, go out, don't overindulge, instead eat less and eat healthy wherever you go. Nourish your body and soul with food that is good for you, which your body actually needs for it's proper function and not junk food. Sometimes when you are half way or almost reached your target, the same can happen. All what you go through is natural because you body was so used to eating and enjoying certain kinds of food for years. The important thing is to get back on track even if you falter a bit. The trick is to think of the end result, when you lose momentum. It's okay to have something you enjoy in managed amounts once a week (a bit of chocolate or a scoop of icecream, so on). 

When you feel you can't go on and you want to quit the low calorie food and the salads and grilled stuff and eat what everyone else is eating, it's called 'Quitting'. Don't quit yet. Divert your mind to your goal. It's important for you to have a healthy weight and not be overweight or obese. Remind of yourself, the day is not too far away, when you can wear all those nice clothes you've wished to, walk and move about comfortably without feeling tired or exhausted easily. Don't give yourself negative talk like 'I'll never reach the ideal weight'. Yes you can, only if you want it and keep going. Soon you will gain the momentum once again and don't stop till you realize your ideal weight. 

You may feel you are alone in your weight loss journey and in a way it is true. But you know what...there are thousands of people out there in the world who is trying to lose weight just like you and feel exactly the way you do. The truth is there are many who actually lost all the excess weight and reached their ideal weight, only so because they believed they can and didn't give up on that dream. Now do you know what this means? It means so can you!. 

Weight loss tip - Drop the wheat from your diet...avoid everything that contains wheat...and watch your weight drop, and stomach flatten. You've got to exercise (walk, jog, aerobics - whatever that suits you). Exercise + Food without wheat = weight loss

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