Saturday, 17 March 2012


The inspirational quote says, 'To eat intelligently is an art'. What can we understand and learn from that? For starters, we can apply that in our daily life and see the results - Glow with health and enjoy a few found energy.

Now that I shared a beautiful quote with you, here is some questions you can reflect on to help you identify whether you are eating healthy or not. The best part is, your answers will tell you if you are on the right track - eating healthy or not, if your food choices will pump you with good health and energy or make you sick. 

1. When it is time to have your breakfast, lunch of dinner, what food/restaurant comes in to your mind? 

2. What food groups do you eat from? 

3. Are you selective about foods you choose to eat?

4. Do you eat moderately leaving some space in your stomach? 

5. Do you eat till you feel too full and then feel sluggish after a meal? 

6. Are you concerned that you get the right nourishment from the food you eat or do you just eat whatever you like because you are hungry or even eat out of boredom?. 

7. Do you prefer takeaways and ready to eat foods you can pick up from near by or favorite eateries or have food delivered to your home? 

8. Do you prefer to eat healthy and light devoid of excess oil, salt and sugar? 

9. Are you addicted to junk food, pastries, sweets, fried stuff and you find vegetables, salads, steamed and grilled foods boring and yucky? 

10. Do you find it hard to go for low calorie foods at restaurants, or find it hard to say 'No' when you are offered sweets or snacks, or can't escape overindulging in food at parites and buffets? 

11. Are you concerned about the calories in the food you consume? 

12. Do you tell yourself, this is the last time...., I'll diet tomorrow?

13. Do you believe its better to eat healthy home cooked foods?

14. Are you of the opinion, you have only one body, so treat it right by nourishing it with healthy foods?

15. Are you a constant eater? - you always want to eat something or munch on some snack?

16. Is your cupboards, shelves and fridge carefully stocked with all your favourite goodies - chocolates, icecreams, cakes, pastries, chips, cookies, candies, ready to eat meals? 

15. Are you aware that if you overeat or you are already overweight or obese, eat junk food, eat out too much, drink too much coke and shakes, consume lots of sweets, fried foods and high calorie foods, you could end up with life long illnesses and resort to life long treatment and eventually you will be compelled to give up all the unhealthy food that made you sick?

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