Saturday, 17 March 2012


When I was returning back to Marina Mall after watching the Extreme Sports event, I had to pass by the Marina dock where the boats are. And you what I saw...beautiful seagulls, that too so many of them. It's not easy to capture them on camera. They fly way too fast. They were flying around in circles quite close to the people. I wondered why so much activity, what's attracting them and keeping them flying for a long time in circles just in that area. Well, you would probably have guessed by now, people were feeding the birds; they were throwing chips and pitta bread pieces into the water and the seagulls were having a ball of a time. Now, wouldn't that pollute the water and eventually the water will certainly begin to give out stench. I don't think food should be thrown into the secluded water body. Anyways, the seagulls were flying so majestically,  they would swoop down, pick up the food pieces and ascend to fly, then come back for more. It was nice to watch them. I tried to take some pictures. Here's some of the okay ones I managed to take. 

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