Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Yesterday when I was walking in the park, I saw two birds socializing, on a lamp post,  away from all the other birds. 

Bird 1 - Feels so good up here. I can see everything around me. It's a pity humans don't have wings. Wonder if they envy us birds.

Bird 2 - Peek a Boo! Guess Who?
Bird 1 - Not you again. Just when I thought I could have some quiet time

Bird 2 -What are you doing up here?
Bird 1 - What does it look like?

Bird 2 - Isn't the world beautiful from up here? 

Bird 1 - I can see the world from up here alright! - Just the park, surrounding, sky, and the humans who come here in the hope of losing some weight. It's the same thing we see everyday.  Nothing great about it!

Bird 2 - A bird's view of things I should say he he he he...I think it 's looks great from up here.
Bird 1 - Well you can enjoy whatever it is that you see, I am off. 

Bird 2 - I don't think some birds know how to appreciate life and some even have what I would call - an attitude.  I also believe not giving up on someone you think is special. Hey, wait for me, I am coming too!

Me - Where did they go?