Monday, 19 March 2012


Sadu House, next to Kuwait National Museum, Gulf Road

Sadu House is a cultural center that promotes Kuwaiti traditional textile arts, weaving and skills. They also have a gift shop with beautiful souvenirs and sadu woven products. Every Monday, Sadu House holds 'Chai Dhaha', where you can enjoy traditional tea with snacks, learn about the Sadu House and their work and if you are artistically inclined or want to try your skills at weaving, or other art activities they are conducting, you could join them and enrich your knowledge and create beautiful works in textile arts.

Sadu House will have Kuwait's culinary talents at their weekly Chai Dhaha on every Monday.
Today, they will have food samples from the local bakery 'Dessert'. The idea is to give local talents a place to share their foods with the visitors and in exchange they will gain exposure. Visit and explore what Sadu House has to offer and enjoy 'Chai Dhaha', but remember, it's only on Mondays, and timings will be from 10am to 1pm. And today, the weather is pleasant enough for a visit. 

Tel : 22432395

Chai Dhaha

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