Sunday, 18 March 2012


Julia Roberts and  Lily Collins star in a comedy fantasy movie Mirror Mirror, based on the classic fairytale Snow White, which is scheduled to be released in U.S. on March 30. The movie is directed by Tarsem Singh, who is the maker of the recent mythical epic 'The Immortals'.  Lily Collins, daughter of  famous singer-musician  Phil Collins, plays Snow White and Julia Roberts dons the role of the 'evil queen' Clementianna. Now one of the specialities of the movie is the totally elaborate and out of the world costumes Julia Roberts and Lilly Collins get to wear, which also weigh quite a bit. The costumes were created by the late Oscar Award winning Japanese designer and visual artist,  Eiko Ishioka, known for creating magnificent surreal, dream like sensual costumes for movies and even national and international events,  passed away in January, at the age of 73 in Tokyo. She was suffering from pancreatic cancer. Eiko Ishioka's name was honored in the Hall  of Fame in 1992. She is also a recipient of Cannes Film Festival award, Grammy Award and Academy Award for her work. 

Eiko Ishioka, Visual Artist and Costumer Designer 

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