Monday, 19 March 2012


Adam Vahed, Managing Director of Apache Solution developed a 'Magic Mirror', that was on display during the 'Beauty Magic Week' at Trafford Center in Manchester recently. It must have certainly surprised and excited a lot of women shoppers who got to virtually try on different outfits, just with a wave of their hand, without having to actually try on clothes in a fitting room.

Now how does the magic mirror work? A camera fixed on the top of the screen (mirror), films the shopper as they stand in front of the Magic Mirror, producing a live image of them on the mirror using 3 D technology, movement sensors and augmented reality technology. The shopper can scroll through a selection of garments from various retailers and see the outfits appearing magically on their bodies in the mirror as if they were trying them on. Meaning the dresses are superimposed on the body.  There are choices like increasing or decreasing the size of the dress, move the outfit up or down on their body to ensure it sits correctly using a mere hand movement. This would help a shopper to see which clothes suit her and  choose what she wants which reduces the trouble and time taken to try out different outfits in the fitting rooms in various shops. It makes shopping easier. Adam Vahed is now developing the same software for men's wear and children. 

To watch how the Magic Mirror works,  visit this link

Adam Vahed, who developed the Magic Mirror

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