Wednesday, 21 March 2012


March 21 - a very special day for mothers and children being Mother's Day in Kuwait. Here's wishing all the lovely ladies out there a very Happy Mother's Day!

Every mother will always remain a very special person in their children's lives. What kind of relationship does your child share with you or  you share with your mother?  As a mother, what qualities describes you the best or if you are not a mom yet, how would you describe your mother? 

1. Loving 
2. Understanding and patient 
3. Impatient 
4. Good listener
5. Always there
6. Great cook
7. Encouraging
8. Cheerful
9. Serious
10. Strict disciplinarian
11. Adorable
12. Great human being
13. Relentlessly interfering
14. Controlling / Authoritative
15. Demanding
16. Kind and gentle
17. Easy to approach mom / easy to communicate
18. Your children trust you and they confide their fears, sorrows, joys and dreams in you
19. Unable to approach mom / difficult to deal or communciate with 
20. You've always done the best for your children and your children always came first
21. Your children enjoy spending time with you. You are fun to be with

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