Tuesday, 20 March 2012


I am so glad I was able to make a visit to  Sadu House and enjoy the 'Chai Dhaha' yesterday. I did mention in my previous blog that Sadu House promotes traditional Kuwaiti styles of weaving, textile art and skills. And it's some really beautiful work they have displayed.   Sadu House is conducting various classes for ladies and children. In fact, some of the work that is taught in various classes are displayed to give you an idea and feel of what is being taught. Ladies also get together for embroidery work. Classes for ladies include Bedouin Weaving for Beginners and Advanced, Ragoum and Traditional Crafts. They also have interesting classes for children like Traditional doll making, Felt Doll Charm, Woven Basket, Beaded Knotted Bracelet, Fabric beads and Let's Knit. Sounds interesting doesn't it?  I  feel a hobby is a must for everyone. And why not textile design, art and weaving. 

The Chai Dhaha is a very relaxing and pleasant affair which is held every Monday from 10am to 1pm in the courtyard where there is plenty of sunlight.  A little kettle kept on live coal in a large tray,  is placed on every  table where visitors and people can sit around, talk, socialize and have some nice warm black tea. You are also served turkish or arabic coffee in between. Cakes and cookies were provided by Dessert bakery, yesterday. There was also live traditional weaving going on which was interesting to watch. I got to explore the Sadu House and you know, with it's traditional architecture, it's a beautiful historical place that radiates a sense of peace and tranquility. The textile arts and designs and sadu works exhibited look really nice. It's a must visit place, and if you enroll in some textile weaving/design/art classes,  you might discover a hidden artist and new found talent in you. Contact Sadu House to know more about their classes and charges. You can even take a membership for a season, which is 15 KD.

Chai Dhaha at Sadu House : Mondays (only), 10am to 1pm
Sadu House  timings : Saturday to Thursday - 8am to 1pm and 4pm to 8pm
Address : Near Kuwait National Museum, Gulf Road

Tel : 22432395

Samples of work done at the classes conducted in Sadu House

Beautiful Ragoum Work

Sadu Woven work

Sadu Weaving and Designs

Arrangements for Chai Dhaha

Cakes from Dessert Bakery

Cakes and cookies from Dessert Bakery

Sadu House inner courtyard

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