Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Avenues Mall is celebrating Mother's Day which started on March 18 and will continue till Saturday, March 24. As a part of this event, there are many booths with various perfume brands for mothers and visitors to try out. When you purchase a perfume from these booths, there  are special discounts and gifts.  There is a nice booth by Fantasy World,  where your child can draw, color and create a mother's day greeting and it will be displayed at the booth for everyone to see. They also have art, coloring and creative craft activities, children can sit there and do. Mothers can take their children there to have some fun time.  There is also a special booth set up by Avenues Mall  where children can write a Mother's day message and it will be displayed. They are giving out free balloons for children and Mother's day pins for mothers. I went in the afternoon yesterday. But I think if you visit Avenues Mall in the evenings, there would be interesting events  for mothers and children.  Here are some pictures. 

Perfume booths