Sunday, 18 March 2012


I know there are Spas for cats, dogs, horses and elephants, but Spa for Crocodiles? Parap Day Spa in Australia is a Spa meant for humans. Couple of months back, the Owner of the Spa and her team gave a young female crocodile a bikini wax, exfoliation and pedicure. The treatment was meant to be sort of a pre-wedding pampering for the crocodile so it can look flawlessly beautiful for the mating season, said the Owner. The scaly reptile was borrowed from a crocodile research center in Darwin.    A whole team of people attended to the female crocodile giving it a full VIP treatment.

Does a crocodile need to be given beauty treatments to make it glow and shine for the mating season?! Did the crocodile even know what was being done to it. Did it enjoy the beauty treatment? Was it sedated during the course of treatment? Will Parap Day Spa continue to give beauty treatments to other female crocodiles or was it just a publicity stunt? You can share your views. 

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