Thursday, 16 June 2011


Did you face this dilemna are talking to your spouse, or teen, sibling or friend and he or she 'selectively' does hear what you say, because the person is so engrossed watching T.V, or using the computer or reading a book, or sending text messages, or busy on the iPAD. Do you find you have to repeat yourself, as suddenly the person you are talking to goes, 'What did you say', and worst....returns to watching T.V., or computer or some gadget and half hears what you say or still does not 'hear' what you say. The reason is, the person's mind is so busy and occupied that they exhibit 'inattentional' deafness, as psychologists put it, subconsciously turning down the volume on anything else going around him, as his mind is totally engrossed in the gadget, that he cannot hear what is being said when someone is talking to him. 

Are people getting so intimate with their gadgets that they are turning deaf...paying little or no attention to the real life people around them. It's absolutely rude, uncaring and discourteous. People who are glued to their gadgets have to stop what they are doing and listen if someone is talking to them. Or else gadget lovers would have to face big time trouble with relationships in the long run.....

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