Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Yesterday, my husband and I attended the Paco Heredia Flamenco Ensemble held at Mishrif, as a part of the International Music Festival organized by National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters. Paco Heredia together with musicians and dancers from Spain, performed to a packed auditorium with a large audience. A lot of people had to end up sitting on the steps between two rows of seating and also stand behind the back seats, as the place was packed due to a huge interest from the public to attend the event.

 Flamenco is a genre of music and dance which originated in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia in the 18th century. The cante (singing), toque (guitar playing) and the rhythmic, vibrant dance are the principal facets of Flamenco. Paco Heredia is an extremely gifted and talented Flamenco guitarist whose compositions delighted the entire audience. He was supported by David Dominguez, percussionist and Oliver Haldon, Flamenco guitarist, who gave a beautiful rendering. The lead singer Genera Cortes, who has performed all over the world, gave us an insight into Flamenco's singing tradition. The accomplished and brilliant dancers
Auxiliadora Fernandez (Auxi), Gloria Palos and Juan Mateos,  gave an amazing performance, enthralling the audience with their vibrant, rigorous and rhythmic Spanish Flamenco dancing styles.

The performance program by Paco Heredia Flamenco Ensemble for the evening included: 
* Jaleo (with dancing)
* Solea por bulerias
* Tango 
* Martinete-siguiriya (with dancing)
* Bulerias
* Rumba
* Alegrias (with dancing)
* Optional bis (Fin de fiesta por bulerias) 

Here are some pictures I took of the event. Didn't come out very clear though.