Wednesday, 15 June 2011


With the day time summer temperatures soaring to 50 degrees and the extreme heat,  one cannot imagine how it's possible for construction workers to work on building construction during day time. If you would take a walk outside, at say 9 am, the exposed part of your skin would sting with burning sensation. Well, even if you were fully covered....full sleeves, trousers, cap, sunglasses, et al, it would still be  unbearably hot. And if that is done sometime between 10 am and 3pm, I don't want to think what would that be like!. Shuttling between air conditioned homes, cars, offices, shops and malls, we are not exposed to the extreme heat during day time. Sadly, site engineers, construction workers, labourers and air condition technicians don't have a choice but to work under scorching heat. 

Some pictures of construction workers on working on a building in the neighbourhood. 
Construction Workers working on new construction around 11.30am

Aircondition technicians doing repairs in the HOT sun - around 12 noon

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Vasumathi said...

This is so disheartening, the work-schedule planners can offer to give them work in evening shifts and night shift at least in summers.