Monday, 13 June 2011


Sleep deprivation = Weight Gain!
Most of us are unaware of the connection between sleep deprivation and weight gain. The truth is they are tremendously related to each other. Leptin is a hormone that makes us feel full after a meal. Ghrelin is the hormone that stimulates appetite. When you suffer from lack of sleep, less sleep or  sleep disorders, your body's level of leptin naturally fall and ghrelin levels increase. This means, you end up feeling more hungry without being satisfied by what you eat, causing you to feel hungry and eat more. Proper diet and exercise can help in improving quality of sleep. Do read my blog of yesterday on Sleep disorders and how important sleep really is.

So get 8 hours of sleep everyday, improve your quality of sleep and you can improve your ability to eat less. You will not only feel great and more productive, but those trying to lose weight, would find it easier to lose the excess weight as well. 

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