Friday, 17 June 2011


Trees are living beings, that breathe and are full of life and beauty.  They contribute immensely to the environment and form an integral part of nature.  When new buildings and roads are constructed , if there are trees that exist in the way, they become obstruction, and  are cut down. 

I saw this date palm tree, in Salmiah near a covered football court. The top portion of the tree has been chopped off and the DISFIGURED  tree is  being used as a post  with flood lights fixed  on top (to aid the players when football games take place I suppose).  If it's branches were not chopped,  the tree would have added some natural beauty to the bare land devoid of any greenery in that area. 

If this tree had a voice and could speak (like in those animated movies) what would it have said before being chopped?
a) Please don't chop me, I don't do any harm...
b) I am useful. I recycle the carbon di oxide you breathe out and covert into oxygen. I give  shade and dates. Birds make their homes and rest in my branches. And you want to chop me?
c) Me, an obstruction? Can't you fix a pole nearby and fix the flood lights on them.
d) How would you like if someone tried to destroy you or your home.
e) I belong here, I am a part of this land as much as you are, you have no right to chop me.
f) You need us...we maintain the ecological balance. Don't destroy that. 

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