Friday, 17 June 2011


* Eating too fast - It takes 15 to 20 minutes for the brain to signal a feeling of fullness. Eating too fast means, you could end up eating more food than you require. 
* Spending long hours in front of T.V., computer games or internet (including spending long hours at sedentary jobs). 

* Junk Food - If you are dependent on junk food or fast food and you don't cook healthy food on a regular basis, you are bound to put on weight and not lose weight.

* Lack of Exercise - There is no use dieting if not supported by exercise. When you exercise regularly you will definitely burn calories. 

* Snacking while you watch T.V, or use the computer or while you drive. You may not realize how much you are eating which can add to your weight.  

* Not enough sleep - I had blogged previously that during sleep deprivation, ghrelin an appetite stimulating hormone is produced in our body that makes us eat more. So get plenty of sleep everyday.

* Emotional Eating - People tend to overeat when they are feeling sad or happy, excited, nervous, angry, lonely or depressed. And this can prevent one from losing weight.  

* Calorie count - If you have no idea how many calories you consume on a weight loss diet, you cannot lose weight.

* Missing Breakfast: Time and time again, studies have proved that if you miss breakfast, a very important meal of the day, you are likely not to lose weight.

* Late Dinner - Never have your dinner and then hit the bed. Be sure to allow two hours after dinner before you are off to bed. Sleeping immediately after dinner can lead to fat accumulation.

* Sweetened Drinks : If you have soft drinks, packeted juices and ready to stir and make juices, it would be difficult for you to lose weight.

* Pastries, sweets and chocolates - They are loaded with calories that can make you fat. If you have a sweet tooth and get tempted to eat pastries, sweeets and chocolates, well, then it's bad's time for a break up so you can lose weight.

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