Sunday, 15 May 2011


The place next to the counters, where the compturized lucky counter numbers are announced

Lucky Draw Rules

The lucky counter numbers will announced as well as they will be projected on to the screen (wall)
When was the last time you visited Carrefour? I visited Carrefour after a very long time, while I was in the Avenues yesterday. When I entered Carrefour, I heard this huge commotion, vibrant music and announcements.  Upon enquiring, what it was all know what, Carrefour is celebrating their anniversary (from 11th May to 24th May) and have a lot of interesting offers for customers. One them being a lucky draw, where random numbers will be chosen by their computer every hour and announcements will be made and several lucky customers who happen to be at the counter numbers being announced, at that time,  waiting to pay for their trolley of goods, will get the whole trolley worth of whatever they are buying for FREE. How about that? Do you think you could be the next lucky person? Anyway, I wasn't. When I reached Carrefour, the lucky numbers were being called out and people were excitedly taking home their FREE trolley worth of goods and by the time I was done with my  tiny bit of shopping,  looking around, taking pictures, I reached the counter during the gap before the advent of the next announcement. I wish I could have stayed to capture the happy faces of the next set of people who won. But then, I had to leave as I was running out of time and needed to complete a few more things.

They also have daily reduced and surprising offers on certain items like electronics and whole lot of other things.

Oh and another thing, if your birthday happen to fall between 15th May and 24th May, go to Carrefour with your Civil ID for proof of date of birth and you will get a FREE birthday cake. Since the offer began from 11th May, I don't know if you can claim a belated birthday cake if your birthday was between May 11 and May 15.

Anniversary offers mentioned above will last until 24th May. For further details or inquiries, call Carrefour at 22598233 / 22598244

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