Monday, 16 May 2011


The  world is turning their awareness towards Clean and Green energy to protect and save our planet.  As much as our planet suffers and needs intervention and move towards alternate energy technologies, our bodies are suffering too and needs some intervention. How? Well, our obsession with all sorts of visually attractive, easily available, ready to eat foods, make us overload ourselves with high calorie foods laden with fats, sugars, preservatives and additives. That means, feeding ourselves with what we don't need than what we need causing a huge strain on our digestion process and our organs.  What do we do? We need to turn to alternative food habits....from junk to CLEAN, GREEN AND LEAN !.

Our bodies are in dire need for clean and green food to be healthy. If only our bodies could talk to us....they would tell your hands to reach out for ''Clean' foods. 'Clean' meaning healthy food.  Your body would tell you to eat a lot of feed your body with all the goodness of Greens (vegetables, salad leaves, fruits). When you eat healthy, minus the soda, soft drinks, fat laden, fried and sugary foods, you will become lean as well.

You know how ex- U.S. president Bill Clinton lost all his excess weight? He went on a vegetarian diet.  If you think a vegetarian diet might  make you bored, weak and tired, well, on the contrary, it will fuel you with great energy and well being. If you like to eat meat, try to avoid the red meats and have chicken, turkey and fish, but then again in moderation and have plenty of vegetables and fruits during every meal. Clean up your diet, go green, get rid of the toxins and unwanted pounds, safeguard your health. Experience the wonders of good health by turning to Clean, Green and Lean.

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