Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I first came to know about the BLS Spring Bazar from www.ladieswhodolunchinkuwait.com.  The Spring Bazar was a well organized, delightful event, held yesterday, at the Al Hashemi II of Radisson Blu (Failaka and Marine Museum Halls). Thankyou LWDLIK ! I was glad my husband and I could attend it. Both the halls were filled with lots of tables with ladies selling a variety of goods like paintings, attractive versatile artificial jewellery, with semi precious stones, silver and gold plated, beads, pearls, frankincense, myrrh, dolls, children's puzzles, gifts, silk painting prints, tableware, bags, books, clothes, scarves, art work, chocolates, food items, glassware, greeting cards and hand made inspirational cards. Did I miss anything?  Every person who set up a table had unique items to offer, and the choices were so many. I was surprised to know many of the ladies actually made the jewellery themselves. They were all so creative. I shall be blogging separately on some of the ladies who have their own businesses. Here are some pictures from the Spring Bazar.
Awesome water colour paintings by Debbie Reeve who also conducts painting workshops and classes

Children's puzzles and toys

Indian Jewellery

Aren't they adorable?

A part of the Spring Bazar

At this table, talented Nora Kafafi was making instant bracelets with beads of one's choice

Art work and costume jewellery by Nerissa Bayani Alford

Pearl jewellery from The Pearl Lady, Lorna Calumba

Beautiful glass decor and show pieces
Assortment of Lindt chocolates by Juhee Sondhi (Zahem and Malhotra)

Traditional Kuwaiti Dhow (small) at the Hashemi II - Marine Museum

The Spring Bazar was held from 3pm to 7pm. It was followed by dinner and a presentation by motivational speaker, Laurie Santos for women. Due to other committments, I couldn't stay for the dinner and the presentation. I was told Laurie is supposed to be an excellent speaker. A big thanks to BLS and all the participating ladies for organizing such a lovely event.


LWDLIK said...

LOL we're a team.. I blogged it you reviewed it. Glad you had a good time.

KUWEIGHT 64 said...

LWDLIK, LOL, thanks! Oh I really enjoyed the BLS Spring Bazar. I wish I could have stayed for Laurie Santos presenatation as well.