Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Due to lucrative prices and business prospects in growing watermelons, farmers gave overdose of growth chemicals during wet weather which created a scenario as if landmines exploded in the Watermelon farms. Twenty farmers in Danyang city in Jiangsu province in China, got affected and lost up to 115 acres of watermelon. Growth acceleration Forchlorfenuron used for the first time in higher doses caused the watermelons to burst before harvest. The melons that burst were fibrous and badly shaped with white seeds instead of black.   The same chemical is said to be safe when used properly. Forchlofenuron is used in USA to accelerate growth of Kiwi fruit and grapes.  Apparently, the burst fruits are being fed to fish and pigs.

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Danderma said...

its a good thing they burst on their own instead of being fed to poor unsuspecting people with an over dose of that chemical! What the hell is that!!!