Friday, 20 May 2011


Janice Tunnicliffe

55-year-old  Janice Tunnicliffe from Nottinghamshire,  is so sensitive to electricity that she cannot watch television, listen to the radio or talk on a mobile phone. She claims to suffer from an extremely rare condition called "electrosensitivity". She was struck with the illness after she received chemotherapy for bowel cancer three years ago, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Tunnicliffe cannot use an electric kettle, and keeps her washing machine in a concrete outhouse. She cannot bear to be anywhere near an electromagnetic field, and hence has been left "completely isolated" from the modern world due to her medical condition. She suffers headaches, chest pain, nausea and tingling in her arms and legs whenever she is near electrical devices. "iPhones make me feel really sick within about 20 minutes of being near one. "Personally, I think there must be a link with the chemotherapy and the electrosensitivity, but no one is going to admit that," she said. Tunnicliffe even had to cover her windows with special material to "deflect" electromagnetic waves.
Graham Lamburn, technical manager at Powerwatch, an organisation that promotes a safer environment, said the medical profession has been "slow" to recognise electrosensitivity as an illness as its causes are as yet unknown.

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We live in a generation, where people are  constantly using mobile phones, television, computer, internet, ipads, gadgets, machines we can't do without. What if... all of us are in a small degree electrosensitive and we don't realize it? Ofcourse in Janice' case it became apparent after receiving chemo. I personally feel, 'electrosensitivity' is something we should try to know more about for our health and safety.

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